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Anastasia Hoshuliak

High-energy Street Dance Instructor offering 7 years experience in teaching and around 15 years of Dancing. An accomplished performer and people person able to develop talent at all levels.

"Hello! My name is Ana and I run LID classes in South West London. I'm a patient and professional dance teacher. Experienced with children aged from 2 to 16 years. My classes are always about fun, energy and maximum knowledge. Every child is a special one-support and a safe environment to grow is all they need! 

Looking forward to teaching your child!"

Experience & Career


2006- 2013

The Beginning


Dance Career

2019- NOW

Dance Career in London

My first passion was music. Back in 2006, I studied piano. In 2013 I have been invited to my first Street Dance class. That is the point where it all began.

After 7 years of dance competitions, performances, hip-hop battles, etc. I was confident to teach my first Kids' Classes at one of the best Dance Schools in Ukraine "Art People Dance School". Some of these children are still within the dance culture and keep showing great results. A year later I was teaching almost every day and I never need a day off from what I truly love. 

At this time London Insta Dance was created, for the purpose of building a safe environment for every child comes to us. "Do what you love- DANCE. Love what you do- DANCE."

  • Enhanced DBS Check (Registered on Service Update System)

  • Safeguarding Children Certificate

  • Public Liability Insurance

  • Pediatric First Aid Certificate

  • Level 2 - Group Training to Music Certificate

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