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Children's Race

Street Dance After School Clubs

Club Plan

Snack time- bring a snack to have altogether while discussing various topics and playing "my favourite ... is".

Warm-Up- easy-to-follow moves designed to safely work through all muscles and joints and bring the heart rate up. 

Freestyle Game- play one of our best games to start or improve the freestyle dance. Focusing on different types of music and feelings. 

Choreography- learning how moves work well together, the main focus on musicality, working in a team and improving movement skills and coordination. 

Corner Travel- learning how to use the space, take in terns and work with partners.

Dance Game- finish off with a fun game to reduce stress and enhance happiness. 
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm, with collection time, within the 5 minutes slot. 
What to wear? 
Please wear TRAINERS, track pants/ leggings and a t-shirt/ track top. But remember at the end it does not matter what a child wears as long as it is comfortable to do the activities. 

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